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Im a novice at wood working. I am cutting these speakers out of very expensive AppPly 1"

Cutting the plywood should I cut on the center of the scribed line or to the right of the line where the the  kerf just cuts the scribed mark on the left

Thanks for your advice.
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When I cut ply wood. I usually make a cut on the line with a box cutter and cut just beside it.

Even better would be sand the plywood, and use one cote of varnish, this will prevent splintering and small scratches. In the case of using varnish the box cut is not needed.
Eric B
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Hey Bpb,

You will not want to cut the center of the scribed line. The thickness the circular saw blade will be removed from the plywood. As an example if you scribe a line at 4" on an 8" wide piece and your saw blade is 1/8th" wide, cutting to one side of the line will give you one 4" piece and one 3 7/8th" piece.

Always cut to the opposite side of the piece you want to keep.

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