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Hello, I am considering purchasing the TS phono pre and would like to know from those who own one, what the bass and lower mid bass sound like?  I mean overall, is the sound full bodied and balanced? I have heard some phono stages sound great in terms of open, transparent and large Soundstage, wonderful mids and highs, but somewhat lacking in the lower registers.

The current phono I have is a secondhand LCR phono based on the 12AX7 and 12AT7 stages and sounds very nice except for the lower registers where I feel the same recording sounds more balanced in the digital version. The mids and highs, and Soundstage, clarity etc are better in the analogue recordings. Try as I might to find info on how to increase the bottom-end, I haven't found much info.

So I'm considering either getting the TS phono, or wait till Bruce starts to sell his sound corrector / fixer kit.

My tonearm is an SME M9-12 with a Hana SL moving coil cartridge. I have a 1:10 / 1:20 SUT. The Hana SL outputs 0.5mV, has an impedance of 30 Ohms and needs to see a load impedance of about 400 Ohms. It's published frequency response is 15Hz to 25kHz.

I have the MP and SOB combo. Am also wondering whether the sound fixer fits in with the MP.

Thank you,

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Oops, I meant my cartridge is the Hana EL, not the SL.

Eric C.
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Hi Mel,

Bruce has mentioned this in his post:

"My inclination is to use the 300B preamp alone for now and turn off the sub.  Vinyl doesn't have that over bearing pounding bottom end that digital often does.  I am migrating to vinyl anyway.  

If used with mostly digital sources, the Sub Buddy is more essential to control the bass.  When used with vinyl, the bass is not such a problem.  "

My understanding is, vinyl does not give you much bass (I don't own one for now) compared to digital .

Originally Posted by Mel
Oops, I meant my cartridge is the Hana EL, not the SL.

Gary Kemp
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"My understanding is, vinyl does not give you much bass (I don't own one for now) compared to digital ."

------ But only at the very lowest end of the bass is vinyl wanting.  For almost all music, the missing low end is not noticeable.   
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I agree with Gary. But it needs a very good TT/tonearm/cartridge perfectly adjusted in order to get the same deep undistorted  bass quality. I own some recordings on CD and vinyl (M. Davis' "Tutu" for instance)and if I play them A/B there is no difference  regarding bass response and depth. Just the typical vinyl/digital "sound" but it's  hardly noticeable.

More often than not the cause for some  obvious difference between vinyl and digital bass response can be found in a roll off point set too high in the phono section. This depends of course also on the preamp's input just check this first if you think something is not quite right and you use a really good TT that can deliver true deep bass. This can be fixed easily.

And no sub will help no matter how you set it if the roll off point is set too high.
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