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Kelvin Tyler
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Small correction.
Stephane. Looks like I need to go back to elementary school! For the 12AT7 tube heater power consumption is 12x0.15=1.8VA so 4 tubes would take 7.2VA. This would still give you a total power requirement of less than 130VA. Previous comments apply. Sorry for the confusion[confused].
Stephane Bureau
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Thank you for the update. My amp gives me the sweetest sound I have ever heard. I just bought 4 NOS 6P45S for about 60 US $ to hear if it makes a difference because some of my used tubes have worst specs than the others, and I don't have a tube tester, so now I trust what my seller wrote on them. My next project will be the Grounded grid preamp in the audio reality book. But I saw on the net that there are 2 PCBs. Do you know if we can take some drawings and ask a company to make them or go point to point ?
Kelvin Tyler
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Stephane. Yes, the SOB is a very sweet sounding amp. I hope you get as much enjoyment from your build as I have from mine.
As far as the GG preamp is concerned, if you wish to get up and going quickly then buy the kit. It is excellent value and saves you from 'metal bashing' and layout problems. I cannot recommend that you attempt to copy Bruce's PCBs.
If you wish to get your hands dirty go for a point-to-point build. In this case keep all power supply components well clear of the preamp circuit. I built mine in two separate die-cast boxes. For simplicity I only included one set of inputs. I do not think you will save much money going this route as the kit is very keenly priced. There is of course the satisfaction of doing all the construction yourself and the article in Audio Reality makes this an easy build.
Whichever route you take I am sure you will be delighted by the sonic results. Just do not use unduly long interconnects to your SOB.
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You can easily build a scratch GG after tackling the SOB
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