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Bruce Rozenblit
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Does this mean I have to return my medium blue latex paint?  I hope I can find the receipt.

Martin Mortensen
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Has anybody any indication of how low in frequencies this subwooferdesign goes? (before EQ  ) 

Must say -it looks tempting! I´m looking for a sub that plays music.... also at lower volumes, and that´s a little harder than it sounds 

Peerless is cheap, but in the right configurations they do perform... I have forgotten that for some years.

ed schilling
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Hey Martin, I make my living building a particular loudspeaker, have been for over 13 years. I have a dedicated computer loaded with software just for that purpose. You'd think as a loudspeaker designer my gear would be warmed up and ready to go. Nope. It's all buried in my "room of technology" (my junk room). I put it all up a couple years ago after I had designed and tested my "Cube" "bass augmenter". The stuff is just so hard to get to and I've got to much to do to waste a couple hours pulling it out, setting up and measuring.

The thing about measurements is that it is possible to make the results anything you want when measuring a speaker in a "normal" room and not a chamber.  I typically set the mic. at the listening spot to measure. Moving it from there results in completely different results. Moving the sub around the room will do the same thing.

Don't get me wrong, measurements are useful or else I'd not have the stuff to do them, but they will tell you very little how the speaker will sound in your room.The numbers to me, tell me where I've been, not where to go. The thing is, if it "sounds good", I don't care about the numbers!

The Crown amp I use has no eq. or bass boost. The xover is set between  around 55hz @ 24db/octave.

It's a "music sub" but sure has enough output for HT. If not just make 2 or 4. I run my amp in bridged mono (1000 watts or so into 4 ohms) and the 2 subs in parallel (to get 4 ohms). I prefer this to having them in stereo, go figure!

Bruce built one and I "think" he's going to do some quick measurements for us, since I'm so slack. I will get around to it one day in the future. That said, the results will not matter, I didn't name it the
F'n Fantastic Mark 4:20 i   for no reason! You'll be shocked.....just build it exactly as described.
It'll be the best DIY project you ever spent an hour on. Chevy price for Bugatti performance.
Bruce Rozenblit
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I just built one and rans some RTA tests.

When crossed over at 100 Hz, the thing is essentially flat down to 25 Hz at 106 dB.  The house was shaking pretty good.

I wouldn't use it at frequencies higher than 100 Hz.  The output starts rising too much.

This application forces the driver to do the things we want it to do, and that is be a true sub. It works, but use it as intended.  I'm going to stick in in my home theater system.   
Alan Cohen
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May I ask what you are powering it with, Mr. Bruce?
Bruce Rozenblit
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I'm using a Bash 300W sub amp.  It works well but has too much gain, 50 dB.  I have to barely tickle the gain control.

ed schilling
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See, I told y'all to get a Crown XLS series! Kidding .....I would not have seen that "too much gain" on that amp happening. Henry's was just about right. The first amp I used was a 200 watt Bash amp (Henry's) similar to the one Bruce has. When Henry brought his new Crown to compare it was all over. I had planned on ordering a Bash amp! He'd lent me his since I did not have a sub amp on hand when I made the thing. The300 watter like Bruce has and I planed on are dirt cheap. The Crown is much more. After hearing Henry's I realized I had to have the Crown. I got the XLS 1000. He had the 2500. If I had the money I would have gotten the XLS 1500 but it is a hundred bucks more.....the difference is almost the cost of the Bash amp! So I went with the 1000. His 2500 is about 600 bucks.

As Bruce said " the output above 100 rises too much", and that is where the 24db slope and precise xover points of the Crown make it worth the money.

The Bash amp is very adequate, sounds good and Bruce has measured that system. The Crown will allow higher xover points. This may or may not be worth 3-5 times the cost of the very capable Bash 300 Watt.

Keep in mind fellas, I did not think the Crown would better the 200 watt Bash amp Henry had loaned me. I was shocked that it did and then hated him because I knew I could not get out cheap on the amp. He told me the Crown was better than his Bash amp but I just could not see that as possible!

I'm very happy to see the 300 Watt Bash amp performed as well as I'd hoped it would.....most likely equal or better than Henry's at a fraction of the price he paid for the TBI 200 Watt BASH.

Thanks Bruce! Now order the Crown XLS 1500 and report back :)
ed schilling
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Bruce, You know PE has that 45 day return policy, right? Order the XLS 1500 to test. You'll hate me like I did Henry when he brought the 2500 over :)
alan cohen
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You got me, Ed. I'm in for two. I just picked up the XLS1500 new off ebay for $348 shipped. Amazon has it for $357 shipped:

Can you tell me what brand of 2" screws you used so I don't deviate from the plan at all. 

ed schilling
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Alan, they are "Acme" brand. I got them from Wile E. Coyote the last time he passed through.
steve f
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Wile E. Coyote also has the preferred grey buckets.

Alan Cohen
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Is that 'preferred gray" or mandatory gray?

Uline has them in assorted colors.

Sadly no sage green or eggshell. 
Ray P
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Hey Ed, I get the bit about no mods necessary, however, here in the old world we don't have buckets in US gallons. Five US gallons is just shy of 19litres; any thoughts on using a 20litre bucket with the right sort of diameter? Also, assume the buckets you use are tapered, which seems to be what I can get?

ed schilling
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Hey Ray, I imagine you'll be fine. The ones common here all look pretty much like this.........|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar|1&facetInfo=

Wal Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, most "home improvement" places all should have them......notice the taper! I'd imagine y'all have something very similar if not the same. It's possible that yours and ours are the exact same but since we use "gallons" and you use "liters" they just call them "5 gallon"  or "20 liters" as the approximate amount they hold. Just a guess based on all the different ones that all are approximately the same.

Later today I will measure the top and bottom and height. Also notice the ridge on them.....we're looking for that too.

Steve, thanks for the link but I'm not sure about those but mainly because they have multiple ridges instead of the one big one....they are tapered they say....they're probably fine but will cost more due to shipping.

For guys in the States I think the ones from Lowes or Wally World should be easy to get and there's no need to order them.

Krylon "Fusion" paint will bond to them like no tomorrow....I painted my fender that was blue with it to make it 1k miles of woods and dirt roads not a fleck has come off! It has not even gotten scratched! Very impressive paint for plastic.

Hope this helps.
Alan Cohen
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One more question, Ed. Can I Y connect out of my GG at line level instead of speaker level into the xls1500?
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