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Hi guys,

I am looking for the right speakers for this setup, in a large-ish room (6x5m). Obviously I am looking for some high impedance, high efficiency speakers. I have done alot of reading around Single Full Range Driver Pros and Cons, and would like some feedback from those familiar with these amps.

I currently have a few options. Note I am in Australia, which restricts the accessibility of some niche USA brands, and of course I wouldn't expect alot of you to know any niche Aussie brands. Some of these speakers will be difficult or possible to audition, but I am still canvassing all feedback or advice, even though it's obviously a personal thing.

Zu Omen Mk 2 - 10.5" driver and a tweeter, basically no crossover. I had a good chat to an Aussie dealer, who really raved about these in terms of their musical performance, rather than perfect audiophile measurements. I thought that these might be a good compromise - some of the efficiency and simplicity of a full-range driver, with the addition of a tweeter to support the top end. Impedance is realtively flat 12O

Adelaide V1093AQTL -
Local Aussie manufacturer with a large following, with a speaker specifically design for low power valve amps. Lowest impedance dip around 7O at 10Khz. 3 way design. His more common Summoner series have a solid following and apparently punch about their weight.

Klipsch RP280
High efficiency Klipsch speakers with horn-loaded tweeters. I have listened to these in person, very clear and high detail. Can't say I love the aesthetic

Tekton Uruz -
Not sure if I can get these in Oz (waiting on contact from Tekton). A large range driver with a ribbon tweeter. Tekton appear to have some pretty solid reviews of their rather electic and avant garde various designs.

This is just a snapshot of what I'm looking at - I'm really just after any personal opinions, advice, or experience that might further inform my thinking. I have found this loudspeaker search challenging due to the trends in the industry toward very large power requirements, so hoped this community could enlighten!

Pic of the pride and joy for attention.

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I don't know if you are open to building cabinets . . . 
Last summer I built some cabinets for Tang Band W8-1772s and they have completely amazed me.  The plans I built were a Mass Loaded Transmission Line design from Brines Acoustics (recently went out of business) and they are very similar to the plans that Bruce has on the website.

These are the first full-range speakers I've had.

I built attenuating networks and never connected them because I like the sound so much as is.

I just can't believe how nice the high frequencies are with no tweeter.

They seem to be super-efficient as well.

Highly recommend these if you want to and can build or obtain the cabinets.

(there are also many cool folded horn designs for these speakers which were more challenging to construct)

Good luck and please post back what you decide.

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I wouldn't build the cabinets myself - my electronics skills are okay, but my woodwork is absolutely atrocious. It would have the structural integrity of a McDonalds paper bag.

But there are some local cabinet builders, so that is good food for thought and another path - thank you.
Greg Woods
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Nice looking setup! If your willing to have someone build cabinets for you, here are a couple of suggestions:


Pi Speakers, has a variety of moderately high efficiency (96db ish) kits available at different size/pricepoints. I believe they are available as a finished speaker as well. I've heard the 7pi corner speaker briefly and was quite impressed. I believe the 4pi is the "sweet spot" in the line up, having read many favorable reviews through the years.


DIY Sound Group has numerous kits available that also have flat pack cabinet kits that you assemble. I've never had the pleasure, but have been intrigued by their kits with the SEOS waveguide.

These are mostly 2-way speakers and I realize you are looking more for Single Full Range Driver recommendations, but I figured you weren't completely married to that idea based on your post. 


PartsExpress has this 8" full range single driver that many seem to like, as well as a host of others.

Let us know what you end up with! 


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I can vouch for the Pi speakers. Been using a model discontinued for many years now that I built from his plans, (free). Two way bass reflex with compression tweeter and horn. Very smooth and about 98 db efficiency. The 4pi as Greg says is the all around champ, unless you have corners for the 7pi. Having been use to the big sound of 15" woofers and compression tweeters I just can't fathom what the falderal is about little woofers with whizzer cones being so popular. About the Zu Speaker that your audio dealer man gushed about. I dunno, you might want to read what a fairly respected speaker builder says of it at an audio high end show. It's about 3/4 the way down on the page, and not very flattering. Thought you might want an opinion not commensurate to making a sales for comparison.
Good luck with your search. It's an important one.

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Yeah I'm not week to any philosophy or model - and acutrpy aware of any opinion where they are selling something.

I'll do more reading, thanks guys.
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Hi Gints,

You referred to the Tekton Design Uruz speakers, and having bought the hybrid open baffle OB Sigma speakers myself 2 years ago, I can vouch for the quality of Eric Alexander's designs and speakers, and his overall claims about the performance of his products.

I am in fact considering his Double Impact speakers or even his Ulfbehrt speakers, but that's still a decision I'm taking my time on as I am already very happy with the OB Sigmas.

I doubt you will get an email reply from Eric as he's very busy just meeting demands for his speakers, but I gather from other forums that he personally takes your calls and will discuss your order and questions, etc. So the best way for you would be to just call him over the phone.

My OB Sigmas were shipped to me as an international order and they arrived safe and sound, so I have no hesitation in ordering again from them.

Happy hunting!

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THe King of Fullrange...Rehdeko RK115 the perfect sound for the TRascendent OTL !!
I'm very happy for my system Rehdeko Trascendent


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With my SOB, I have Zu Druids and to me the combination sounds excellent. As an FYI, I sent the SOB to Zu while my speakers were being produced to get their opinions and they felt it brought ou the best elements of their Druid design -- for what it's worth.
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