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David Loader
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Hi all - I'm still developing the chassis design for my scratch-build Beast, and one of the things I want to incorporate is an incandescent 12V pilot light powered from one of the heater circuits - like the Fender guitar amps have.

It occurred to me today though that in order to be electrically safe, I should look at how the heater potentials are referenced to the cathodes in the circuit.  I've read through the build instructions and if my understanding is correct, both heater circuits are 'floating', with one underneath cathodes at -170V potential, and the other underneath the input stage cathodes at various potentials, and output tube cathodes at 0V.

It seems to me that it ought to be safe to power the bulb from the latter circuit, but to be sure, would it be wise to add DC blocking caps to the lines feeding the bulb?

the gorn
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Hi David,   This is the coolest beast build I've ever seen. He was able to incorporate some lit meters on top.   Good Luck.
Bruce Rozenblit
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To produce a pair of amps like that sold at a dealer would cost every bit of $20,000 if not more.  I'm blown away.
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This is my first post here.  I'm going to start a Masterpiece build while off work between holidays next week.  Really excited about it.  I've been looking at TS kits for several years.

I am amazed by the wiring in this scratch build.  It's inspirational.  It's art.

I wonder what Mark's technique is for getting the wires so straight.  The jeweler's pliers are a great idea for getting smooth curves by the connections; I think I'll try that.

Anyway I'm glad to be a part of this experience and hoping for the best result.  No doubt I'll be posting questions for advice and so forth and I'm hoping to be a contributing member.  I have a lot to learn!


David Loader
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Ah yes that Beast build is pretty legendary.

I'm not sure if mine will look as cool as those but I'm hoping they'll get close.  I'm nearing completion on the CAD work for FPE to make the panels, here is how mine are expected to look as a mirror-imaged pair:

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