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Al Wirth
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I just bought these, knowing nothing about them, they ran them on some Prozac's full range and said they worked ok, not at loud levels, did say sounded thin in midrange.
My question is, on the 4 ohm taps will they provide me with enuf power to run bi-amped speakers on the hi pass side, speakers are as follows:
1-Infinity RS 4.5 xo at 110hz
2-Infinity RS1B  xo at 110hz
3-Apogee Diva   xo at 550hz
I don't listen to music loud probably 70-90db max peak.
Thanks Al
ed schilling
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What is an SC 150 ?
Al Wirth
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It's a Transcendence Sound Super Compact 150W mono blocks
Al Wirth
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Here's a pic of them

Attached Images
Click image for larger version - Name: 1725647-transcentent-sound-super-compact-150w-amp.jpg, Views: 68, Size: 210.67 KB 

ed schilling
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Thanks Al, I've never heard of them.
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The SC-150 was a design published by Bruce, I think in the book Audio Reality. Unfortunately,  copies of this book on Amazon now fetch a sky-high price. My memory was the design was quiet unusual with the outputs being cathode driving. I hope Bruce will chime in if I've got this all screwed up.

the gorn
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Audio Reality is available here for 20.00 bucks.
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Thanks, I bought the book off here a week ago, I should receive the amps next tuesday , tubes packed in box, so will probably need to be baised, I.m not sure how to set it.
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Hi, I need help with biasing the SC150, I posted a pic of it  for front panel meter black push button and a shaft that rotates, I thought the shaft may be a volume control and rotated it a bit, then realizing it may be a bias adjustment so put it back roughly where it was, I haven't plugged them in yet, scared to now. Would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks Alsc150.jpg
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Hi, Well I got it figured out, up and running, [smile] . What a beautiful sounding mono blocks, there so transparent, NO hiss or hum of any kind 3/4 volume, never heard a tube amp that silent before and have had a few, better HF as well, better than my Thresholds, Sunfire600, and Krells. And best of all no colored sound, just plain nuetral sound. Like to get a couple more. This has got me thinking about GG, oh how I wish they came with a remote. I'd order one tomorrow [smile] .

Thanks Al
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Hi, need some help, one of the sc150 started to have an erratic bias when turned on, just started doing this, gotta keep an eye on it, the one 509 tube will get red hot, so gotta fiddle with bias adjustment till it stablizes, any ideas what the problem may be? Thanks Al
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Could be a "noisy" trimpot for the bias. Try other tubes, check bias voltage supply and finally change the trimpot.
ed schilling
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Al, how old are the tubes? Did you swap them around?
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Ed, no I haven't swapped them around, have no idea how old they are, the inside metal in tube was a glowing red from top to bottom, I thought it was gonna burst, played with bias adjustment and it settled down after a half minute or so, I did take bottom cover off, looked close at everything with magnifying glass and couldn't see anything burn't or smelly or fried, hopefully it just needs new tubes, they came with JJ509's in them, seen some slovek 509  russian tubes, not sure if they will work, no have the center aligning pin, and look smaller.

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Those are different tubes. There only two versions that are suited to Bruce’s amps - the JJ EL509S and the Svetlana EL509-II.
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