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Shawn Prigmore
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Well I built The Masterpiece and love it so much I ordered the Mini-Beast. I was a little bored last night so I was searching the net for DIY speakers of various types, came across a company called 'Specimen Products. Here is a link. Audio Horn Speakers - Unique Hand Made Speakers‎ . Looks like a small full range driver in a box with a Ye olde type horn on top, the kind in the RCA logo. Have no idea what they sound like but would be great conversation starters. Just thought you folks might get a kick out of these.

the gorn
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Very artsy, don't know about the sound. Reminds me of the old Victrolla record players.  I think I would go with Bruce's do it Diy's before those. Also Ed's Horneshoppe horns have a very loyal following and will work with all TS amps.
Shawn Prigmore
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I wasn't considering buying these. I was amazed that some one came up with this design. would like to know what gave them the idea to use an old Victrola style horn for hifi speakers. They are charging over $4000.00 for them. You could build or buy some fantastic speakers and build another one of Bruce's amp for that price.

The gorn
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So true. I think Ray P built something called the “Big Fun Horn”, and is very pleased with them. Maybe he will chime in.
Ray P
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I don't think 'Specimen' are breaking any new ground by using horns similar to those of an old gramophone; there are a number of sellers of more refined, modern products that are similar and offer amazingly good sound quality, Azura for example:

The old multi-faceted horn shapes of the old gramaphones was just a manufacturing compromise though they do look rather nice, which, I suspect, is why Specimen are using that 'look'.

Horn loudspeakers have a lot going for them and can sound fantastic, though they need to be big for low bass, and they remain valid amongst the plethora of compromises that the various approaches to speaker design represent. My 'All Fun' horns really float my boat.

Regarding the Specimen speakers, I've never heard them and they may sound really nice but, as I alluded above, I suspect the designer has moved his compromise slider away from 'function' and towards 'form' - nothing wrong with that if that is the required outcome.
ken ambrose
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Originally Posted by Ray P
I don't think 'Specimen' are breaking any new ground by using horns similar to those of an old gramophone; there are a number of sellers of more refined, modern products that are similar and offer amazingly good sound quality, Azura for example:

Do many of us have horn speakers and we just aren't aware of it?  Don't many box speakers have horn shaped "Wave guides" for the tweeter?
Bruce Rozenblit
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Those Aurza horns look really interesting.  The price is very reasonable.  The model 425 crossed over at 500Hz and coupled with the Tang Band at the low end could be quite a combination.  I've always shied away from horns because they tend to have a rather penetrating, beaming sound.  Not smooth and open.  But I've never heard one of these conical horns.  A lot depends on the high frequency dispersion.  If the sound does not spread out, big problems.  Anyone out there have horns of this type?

Ray P
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I've heard some Azuras built by a fellow UK DIYer; it was several years and I can't remember the specifics of the Azuras or the compression drivers but they sounded wonderful - detailed, smooth and very open. Bass was supplied by an Onken type cabinet.

The best speakers I've ever heard were a pair of Bruce Edgar's Titans. I came over to Seattle for VSAC 2003 and the man was demonstrating them himself. He was using mid-horns of a similar nature but turned from hardwood. I could have listened all day!

Bruce Rozenblit
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This is really interesting me.  I could develop a 1 watt mini beast with one EL509 or possibly one KT120, driving a 16 ohm, 110 dB compression driver.  Two tubes, class A single ended for the top end.  Then say a smaller transformer amp at  around 25 watts for the low frequency driver crossed over at 500 to 600 Hz.  This could be super low cost Hi Fi heaven.  The low frequency amp could use cheaper transformers because it is bandwidth limited.  The low frequency driver could just be a typical woofer, just make sure it is very fast and clean.  The Pinnacle would be the best sound with a passive crossover but that's a lot more money.   
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I've used a horn set up with a 90x40 wave guide flair for a couple decades now. I've heard beaming penetrating horns but Wayne Parham of Pi speakers is a horn speaker designer on a level as to Bruce Rozenblit is to OTL audio. Very smooth and room filling with all the detail and presence attributed to the genre. If your a diy guy, they're very resonable.
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