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How are things in your part of the world?  I wanted to ask how progress on the Cornwall re-veneering project is going? 

Shortly after our exchange in Bob's thread I went on the hunt for a pair of Cornwall's for myself.  To make a long story short, I ended up purchasing a pair of Heresy II's and a KG-SW sub instead.  Both needed a little cosmetic work but the drivers/horns on them are all in excellent condition. 

I've done a little sanding and filling on them and plan on installing new veneer, as well.  I still want a pair of Cornwall's, but couldn't resist the opportunity to get the Heresy's as I have never owned a pair.  Plus, it's something to satisfy the DIY in me over the holidays.

Keep us posted on your progress as I, for one, am very interested,  Cheers!

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Hi William,

Zero progress made since I just got back from a driving trip and I am tied up with work. Will be trying to complete the MP by mid Dec before I even think about tackling the CW re-veneer :/

You are definitely way ahead of me with regards to your Heresy restoration [smile] Are you posting your progress on the Klipsch forum? I do hang out there once in a while.


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No worries.  It sounds like you have your hands full with other pressing matters; least of which is the wonderful Masterpiece project.  I vow to get one myself in the coming new year.

I have not posted anything on the Klipsch board in regards to the Heresy project.  Although a member, I seldom frequent that site unless seeking specific information.  Truthfully, I rarely post on any forums; however, I am rather fond of this one!

Keep us posted.  Cheers!
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Hi William,

Photo of the Sapele PSA backed veneer that I will be applying to my CWs:
Lots of prep work needed to get the surface ready before it is done though...

Will attempt to continue the MP build process this week first!

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That is some very good looking veneer.  The CW's should look pretty sweet when you are finished. 

I think I am just going to do the Heresy's and KG sub in basic white oak with a golden oak stain.  It was one of the options for those models and the veneer won't cost an arm and a leg.

Let us know how your Masterpiece is coming along, as well as your listening thoughts after you have it completed and in your system.  I am always curious to hear peoples' reaction to it after replacing preamp x in their systems.
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It's been a while since our last posts so I thought I'd check in to see how things are with you and the Cornwall project and catch you up on how my Heresy II/KG project went.  To make a long story short, they are finished!  I've included a pic of the completed empty cabinets, but they are assembled and have been in use for about a month.

As you can see I finished them in white oak and gave them a light golden oak stain with 4-coats of a wiping poly mix that I make.  I sealed the inside of the cabinets with bituminous spray and painted the fronts and backs in textured black.  The KG sub also received the same treatment.

I opted for a set of new Crites woofers and tweeters but left the mid-ranges stock, as they looked and tested virtually new.  The sub's drivers were in very nice condition, too, so I left them alone.  The crossovers on both the Heresy's and subs were in great condition and needed no attention.

What a resolving and dynamic system this is.  Music just seems to play effortlessly and unrestrained.  The Crites woofers really and some much needed bass over what the stock Klipsch woofers were able to produce, and the titanium tweeters are as smooth as silk and are much more extended than their stock counterparts.

The drivers still have low hours but they are responding wonderfully so far.  I couldn't be more pleased with what I have been hearing.  I will post a few pics of the assembled speakers very shortly.

I hope this post finds you well and that you have been making good progress on your Cornwall project.  Shoot us a line or two when you get a chance.  Cheers!



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