Hi All,

Need some help please. Have been trying to add pictures to some replies I have posted on the forum, but have failed totally in working out how to do this. All the info on the web and the toolbox website indicates that I should have an icon in the reply box that allows me to link to a picture. Unfortunately no such icon exists.

I believe that posting pictures is a feature that can be enabled or not. Do we know if this has been switched off, or am I just being totally dim.

Thanks for your help.

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I've only seen it when creating a thread.  I guess some member post links of another site serving the pictures
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Bruce Rozenblit
I checked the administrator page and to enable uploading photos, the user account feature must be enabled.  So I enabled it.  That's the sign up link at the top of the page.  
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Thanks Bruce,
All signed up, so will give it a go.
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