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Hi all ,

I became an audiophile in the early 80’s and have owned several speakers and amps , did go to many shows and demonstrations . Till I finally fell for Klipsch , owned la scalas and Khorns , now have the Belle Klipsch .
Have tried many amps on these speakers , from 3,5 Watt single ended to 1000 W macintosh mono blocks . I like the sound of small triode amps and the way they can put an human voice in your room . But with more power ( a lot more ) the overall sound is much better . But I don t like transistor amps , they are ether to crude or to harsh to my ears .so it has to be a tube amp.

I’m into the build of Beast mono blocks , I hope they are what i’m looking after .
The la’scalas , Belle Klipsch and Khorns , all have awkward impedance running from about 4 up to 20 ohms , many amps don’t like that and start to sound harsh with increasing volume . 
Klipsch speakers are very sensitive to that , but its the amp not the speakers .
To keep up with the high frequencies , you need some power at the lower end .


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