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Sadly, no one is reporting on their expeirence with Pinnacle build,  except maybe one. I am especially interested in the comparison to the 300B set ac or dc and especially with horn speakers. 

I'm sure that Bruce has sold more than 1 of these.  Where is all the feedback?

Bruce, you would boost your sales if you would give a small discount or rebate to those that spoke up on your forum, IMHO


Bruce Rozenblit
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Not that many have been sold as the high price is an obstacle.  My customers don't post many comments.  Probably 95% never post any comments.  Maybe even fewer.
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Hi to all,



The Pinnacle OTL is amazing amplifier.


Even with only the Fostex-FE208EZ in back loud horn not connected yet the tweeters and the subs (active crossover / Tri-amp), the sound is very musically, big, detailed, authoritarian and 3-dimensionally.


Better performance than 6V6 single-ended and Wavac md-300b that I have.


To mine opinion, the Pinnacle OTL has his own league.


Connect him to an appropriate speaker / driver and you in musical heaven.



Thanks to Bruce.


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Eric C.
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Wow, what a collection!  You built two?!  :-)
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My idea on possible discount is to provide plans and parts for upgrade from SE to push-pull. The chassis is same and drilling aluminium is easy. If the transformers can be re-used too, it would save lot of the shipping cost. But it depends on how many SE versions were sold. I guess not so many either (same cost issue and small power)
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Probably not on the transformers because the pp usually uses higher voltage and most everything else would have different wiring and parts. You would be financially better off selling your SE and buying a whole new kit.
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Sailor, I was thinking of  customers who bought the SE version. (I built it from scratch and if I needed new amp, this 300B would be it for sure). Yes the B+ is higher. But chassis usually makes quite a bit of parts cost.
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