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Originally Posted by Kelvin Tyler
In general, the sound of the 300B PP and my take of the 300B DC SE are quite similar. Both give a good sense of presence with the extra power of the PP giving noticeably more dynamism. With my Fostex FE166en single driver speakers the mid-range is pleasantly strong. The higher registers are quite markedly 'beamed', so orientation of the speakers is important and can, indeed, act as an effective 'tone' control. My musical taste precludes excessive, thumping bass, but I do like it to be sharply defined. The 300B PP gives that.
I can hardly claim that my modest, space limited, speaker set-up is in any way optimum, but others do comment on the pleasant integration of the music it provides.
Personally, I am more than happy with the performance of the 300B PP. I would be very interested to hear the opinions of other folk who have constructed this amplifier.

What about scratch build, is it possible or really depending on the chassis?

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Do we have any further reports on th the 300b pp?
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