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Kelvin, of course it's true what you say regarding the output buffer. But there are two reasons why I prefer the existing setup.

Firstly, I use it together with my digital volume control. I use the digital volume control (remote) only for a relatively small range (+/-10dB)while I use the NFB control pot to set the rest as fixed gain. For most of the recording around 2 o'clock sounds perfect. With some classical recordings I prefer it almost fully open (less NFB).

Secondly, I tried cathode follower unity gain buffers before. They also sound good but operate at a different SQ level (I used the 6N6p and the 6N1p). Cannot be compared really. I try hard to describe what I hear but maybe it didn't spark over. For that reason I want to quote something which I have read a couple of days ago in a report about the "MIR" preamp from K&K audio. Obviously other people also struggle to describe this phenomenon I am talking about but do a better job:
" If executed correctly these things all work together to create what writers call the “willing suspension of disbelief”, meaning that you begin to imagine yourself in the venue instead of your listening room."


Kelvin Tyler
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Wolfgang. I always find the descriptions you give of your sonic experiences to be most graphic and lucid. Not an ability I myself possess in any measure.
Was not really advocating that you add a CF to your setup; just my hypothetical musing. [smile].

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