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Bruce Rozenblit
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This is something completely unlike anything in the lineup. It is a unity gain line stage that has volume, balance bass and treble.  That's right, tone controls.  The purpose of the fixer is to correct for deficiencies that exist in many systems.  Most rooms are not perfectly acoustically balanced.  Many times, you don't want to sit in the middle of the room.  With the balance control, a proper acoustic center can be obtained.  
Many recordings are too hot in the treble or have too much bass.  Some speakers need just a bit of bottom end punch.  The Fixer gives you the ability to correct these problems too.  Now I tried many different configurations of tone controls and they all garbaged up the sound.  This design does not affect the sound when the controls are at 12 o:clock.  The tone section is an active all tube design.  The controls can be adjusted to gently change how your system sounds.  They don't hammer it.  The bass begins operate at 300 Hz, rises to a maximum boost/cut at 50 Hz and then levels off.  The treble begins at 2000 Hz and rises to a maximum boost /cut at 10,000 Hz. They are essentially shelving controls.  The maximum boost/cut is +/- 10 dB. 
The Fixer is dead quiet.  The bandwidth is flat from 15 Hz to 400 kHz.  That was not a typo.  It goes out that far.  All the clarity of the music is preserved.  The sound is close to The Masterpiece in quality.  It's not the same, but it is not intended to be.  The Fixer serves a different function. It corrects for problems.  The Masterpiece is best sound possible, and it drives headphones.  The Fixer can be added to any system since it has unity gain.  The kit price will be between $500 and $600 with tubes.  It uses one 12AU7, one 12AX7 and one ECC99.
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Seems like it could be corrections finally done right. What I heard from amps having them built in was not at all impressive. 
Now the only thing missing at Transcendent is an electronic cross-over. Fully tubed, not the common heap of opamps.
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Great news!  This is exactly the kind of controller I have been waiting for.  When can we expect it to hit the streets?  Thanks!
Bruce Rozenblit
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I'm going full speed ahead on this one.  I almost gave up on it.  I couldn't get it to sound good enough.  Then after more research, I found a configuration that looked promising.  This circuit maintains all of the clarity that we would expect from a true high end component.  Hope it have it out early Feb.  I'm gong to investigate making an enclosure of some type for an extra charge.  It might just be just a lid or maybe something to drop the whole chassis into.        
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Thanks Bruce!  You have really piqued my interest on this one.  I can't wait to see the finished product with options, if you go that route.  Perhaps a wooden enclosure akin to the days of Scott and McIntosh, or more recently Juicy music?  Just a thought.

Thanks for the update.
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For those who may simply be looking for a wide bandwidth tubed buffer with unity gain, will there be the opportunity to bypass the tone controls?
Bruce Rozenblit
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Yes, that would be possible, but completely unnecessary.  That is the beauty of the design.  The tone controls don't injure the sound.  All the other configurations I tried did.  This one is as clear as can be.  It gives you control flexibility without losing anything.  With the controls at 12 o'clock, the square response is nearly perfect.  All the others ruined it.  My ears confirmed what was measured.  Yours will too.       
Gary Kemp
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That/s great, that it doesn't have any effect if tone controls are set at flat.  Why can't you do a do a more elaborate thing, an equalizer? Or would that be more money without much advantage? I like the idea of doing a crossover; I'd go for it. 
Gary Kemp
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Let me rephrase that. I would definitely go for a crossover. Plus a Mini-B ...
Bruce Rozenblit
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I have found that just these two controls have an enormous impact on the sound.  They are subtle, but powerful.  It's all a matter of the design.  An active crossover could happen in the future.

Kelvin Tyler
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What attracts me to this product is its 'lean' design. It addresses just three essential functions: volume, balance and tonal balance. In that it fully justifies the name 'Fixer'. I know, from my own experience, it is not that easy to construct a tone control that does not betray its presence even when set to 'flat'.
I have on occasion placed a tube based Quad type tilt control between my Masterpiece and my 300B PP amp in an attempt to correct for discrepancies in source or speakers. This has met with only limited success. Independent bass and treble controls of the quality employed in the Fixer are doubtless preferable.
I very much look forward to the release of this interesting product in the near future.
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Is there any chance that this product could offer a STEREO/MONO switch?
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I'm also assuming it has a source selector switch.  Is this correct? 

If so, is it 3 position or more?
(From my perspective, more than 3 would be great!)
Bruce Rozenblit
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I'm going for four positions.
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Very cool.

If it has volume control, would I still need a preamp if using the SOB?

Otherwise, what is the point of the volume control if the preamp also has it?

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