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Ray P
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I'm looking to buy some new headphones, 600ohm Beyerdynamic DT 880s, for use with a Masterpiece - anyone had experience of this pairing?


Eric B
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I know they are not the same ones you were asking about but, I have used the Beyerdynamic DT 770PRO 80 OHM and they sounded the best I have ever heard them with the Masterpiece. Plenty of volume and very revealing.
Ray P
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Thanks Eric.

I ordered a pair of 600ohm DT880s a couple of days ago.

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I've recently plugged HD650s (300ohm) back into the MP after listening to another amp for weeks; MP is truly remarkable! 

I struggle a bit to describe what I'm hearing but I can agree that this amp removes digital harshness and adds lushness to more than vinyl.
Ray P
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I haven't listened to the BeyerDynamics yet - my good lady decided to confiscate them so she doesn't have to go through the usual problem of what to get me for Christmas.

I just have to be patient.
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I've been employing Bruce's prototype Masterpiece, he so generously gave me.  For power, a minibeast to drive a Stax electrostatic, SRD 7, MK III earspeaker system. I've been carrying, for over 35 years, a Deep Purple, Made in Japan, CD, one of the early releases, may only be a 14 bit transfer. It's not listenable, so harsh and the soundstage is congested and homogenized with anything I've listened through. But with the above combination, it's so amazing I just can't believe how it sounds REAL. The soundstage is so open I can almost walk through the band members jamming and the highs, extremely natural, and defined. Bass,and low organ notes, kicks behind, too. While Ian Gillan's vocals, just shine.

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Capt. Z
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I used to have a Stax SRD 7 with a (can't remember the model name, maybe SRX???). 

As I remember, the SRD 7 Adapter love a very powerful transistor amp, like 100 Watts and up to sound decent. I eventually sold that Stax set up, since my 30 year old Beyer DT990 was a lot more neutral in the mids and more detailed altogether. 
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Captain, I've built the Audio Amateur published Lang Amp because Nelson Pass stated it was,' The most advanced and elegant design published..' and that included His own Audio Amateur published design.My version, featured on the cover of Issue 3, 1998. I doubled the bias current to 4 amps which delivered 80 watts, Class A, from Hitachi MOSFET  output devices and double bypassed, 330,000 mfd capacitance powersupply. Bruce's 4 Watts, is definitely FAR superior to my ears.
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