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Trying to decide whether to get the SOB, Mini or Evermore.  What are the differences in sound?

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Hi Wayne,

I just built the SOB and MP and it's an amazing combo. If this is your first OTL amp, the SOB is in my opinion a safe bet that will not disappoint. If I were to get a second OTL amp, it would have been the now discontinued Beast for its sheer power, as I do like music with large scale and dynamics and sometimes 15W is not quite enough if you listen to music quite loud.

Alternatively, if I had more sensitive speakers (I am looking at a pair with 96db/m/W), then perhaps the Pinnacle 300B monoblocks would be it.

It's a pity that The Beast has been discontinued, and perhaps if Bruce had an updated version, with flexibility to be a stereo amp with the ability to be bridged monos like the Mini Beasts, I would go that route.

There are many posts in this forum comparing the virtues of each of these amps. You're probably going to find the answer in reading them.
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where do you live and how available are tubes?

as Mel brought up, how sensitive are your speakers?

what is your music collection?  Digital, vinyl, reel?  as in, what other gear will be feeding these power amps?
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