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Greetings all,
I am thinking of using the Mini Beast to drive my Spacial Hologram M4 turbo S open baffle speakers. Will this combination work?
Currently they are driven by vintage Accuphase SS amplifier. Sounds very good but I have read that these speakers respond well to Tubes.
Will really appreciate feedback from forum members who has listened to this combination.
Thank you.
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Greetings all,
Mr Clayton Shaw, the designer of the Spatial Hologram speakers advised me against using OTL amplification due to  their low 4 ohm impedence.
As such, this thread is closed, unless someone would like to share their experience with this (mis)match.
Thank you.
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It depends if the speaker designer has experience with the Transcendent OTLs. Maybe he has another OTL brand in mind which uses no negative feedback. The Transcendent has low output impedance and would probably control well even open baffle woofers. If the impedance doesn't drop under 4 Ohms, then it is actually not that bad for today's speakers...
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My 300B SEs were fine even with Martin Logan electrostats and only showed signs of stress in the treble netherregions where the speakers dropped to 1,6ohms...

My current speakers do not go lower than 3 ohms, and are 4 ohms on average: No problem at all with the Pinnacles.
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