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Ray P
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As I now have 600ohm BeyerDynamic headphones it occured to me that I could optimise the Masterpiece output capacitor if I only use the BeyerDynamics (entirely reasonable given that they're the best headphones I've owned).

I've used an online calculator ( and for a 600ohm load a 47uF cap gives a -3Hz point at around 6Hz (or a 10uF gives 25Hz, which seems reasonable for headphone use). Either of these points offer the opportunity to use a film cap.

Any comments/observations?
Capt. Z
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You can always experiment with cheap caps first to see what difference in sound it makes.

Then when you find what you like you can replace them with some more expensive boutique caps, if you still have the urge to 'upgrade'. 
Ray P
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Cheers Capt. Z, that's what I plan to do.

In Bruce's 'stock' Masterpiece with a 1000uF output cap and assuming 32ohm headphones the -3dB point is at 4.97Hz so I'll go with a cap to get around the same rolloff; a 57uF (56uF + 1uF bypass) will give me -3dB at 4.65Hz
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Ray - Any news on this? I’m curious if you found headphone improvements
Ray P
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Hi Carson. Masterpiece project is on the back burner again while I focus on my DSD decoder project - not enough hours in the day!
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I mentioned awhile back that I used the 15 ohm headphone out on the MP to drive our 15ohm Lowther PM5As to very respectable SPLs -- as loud as I normally listen.  Incredible...

Simple modification of a 1/4" stereo phone jack to accept R/L and common connections.

The Masterpiece is aptly named; it is an incredibly fine component worth orders of magnitude more than it does.

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