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After years of dealing with the SAF (Spouse Approval Factor) I've come to the realization that floor standing line arrays or loaded horn speakers are not likely in my future or for that matter my house. So I've begun looking for a "bookshelf" type speaker that I can place in the upper 2 conors of my family room. The will be approxomate 6 to 7 feet above the floor place in conors about 15-17 feet apart. I would like to get something fairly efficient to run with my T-16 (15 wpc). Has anyone had any experience with the Loth-x Amaze Speakers or Loth-x ION BS 1's. They look about the correct size and the efficiency seems about right. Any thoughts?? Thanks
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If you have to run small speakers use the Beast amps instead.
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I wish I could have the Beasts, but alas 2 teenager seem to be removing some of my audiophile fun money. So I need toget or make sometyhing that will fit in the area available and work with my T-16. I would however be willing to "store" a pair of Beasts is someone has an extra set!!
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Sell the kids.
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K- take a look at the North Kitty Kat Near-Wall Specific speaker at North Creek Music Systems web site. George Short is considered one of the better cross-over designers in the states and like BR dose only Internet sales. Regards, P.C.

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I tried selling the kids but my wife objected for some crazy reason. Instead of the newspaper maybe I should try eBay.

Thanks, I'll take a look. Actually I spoke with a friend (and speaker designer) who has built a full size folded horn using Tang Ban speakers and has also done the design of folding it further into a bookshelf type design. He's letting me borrow the full size one to see if I like the sound. Then if it works well I'll build the bookshelf model.
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I have sold three kids on Ebay and have never looked back. Eventually they will just put you in the old folks home anyway.
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I decided I didn't want to wait to build a folded horn and decided to take the plunge so I bought a pair of the Loth-x Amaze speakers. They have an interesting history aparently. Designed by Sanders and Stamm of Germany to be used with SET amps or at least flea powered amps. They were made in Sinapore, I'm not sure there is an NA distributor any longer. Joe Roberts aparently began importing them in Texas and was selling them for some period of time. When Mr. Roberts left the wholesale business the remaining stock was bought by Song Kim at Song Audio in Toronto, which is where I purchased mine. They have a limited number of these still sealed in the boxes. So Mr. Kim (or is it Mr. Song, I'm alwys confused by peoples names) kindly offered to open a pair prior to shipping and test them before send them to me. Here's the specs:

Frequency response: 50-20000 Hz
Impedance: 8 ohm
Efficiency: 96 db/W/m
Dimensions: 200(W) x 315 (D) x 400(H)mm

Of the reviews I can find one nice thing about these speakers besides not requiring vast amounts of power to sound good is that they maintain nearly 8 ohms though their frequency. I'm hopeful they will play well with my T-16. Now the wait for the Fed-Ex truck!
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An update on the Loth-x Amazes. They arrived via FedEx in great shape from Song Audio in Ontario. I have them mounted in the upper corners of a long kitchen/family room about 6.5' off the floor. Clearly this was not an optimal setup for these speakers and after a few emails with Song Kim I added a subwoofer. All the difference in the world. My pre-amp has 2 outputs so one drives the T-16 and the other the sub. The Loth's are great to listen to and with a rating of 96 db and a steady 7-8 ohms the T-16 does a great job with them. I would describe the Loth's as very open sounding. I'm no audio writer so I don't have macros of cool sounding ways to describe the sound, but it sounds good to me and of course that's all that really matters.

By far these are the best sounding speakers I've had period. It finally is a speaker that allows the T-16 to function as it should, the music never sounder clearer or better. I'm sure there are better speakers but having to live with bookshelf speakers this is a good way for me to go.
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What about getting RB 61? A pair of 61 would be perfect since it power on bass the sounds clarity is pretty decent. I am not good on comparing something, but this one really looks promising to look for more details.
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