Im new here. I was interested in buying some of these products especially the 300b preamp, but I don't know how to build kits plus no tools, does anyone here really love assembling these kits that could assemble one for me? People with alot of experience or professionals please let know rates etc .
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Kits are really simple, good instructions, and few tools are needed.  I've been offering my service many times during these lockdowns with no one taking the opportunity.

turns out I am busy for the next few weeks.  But could order the kit after you send a deposit, get some tubes, and burn it in...ready to ship it to you after final payment mid August.

search my name, you'll find some threads with photos of my work and email me 'my name'

I'm a professional engineer...not that it matters for these kits; but I do enjoy building these amps.

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IMHO I would just the buy the kit and assemble it yourself, The instructions are clear, just take your time, go over the manual completely before starting, check and recheck parts and values before soldering. You can find tutorials on soldering on the web. It not that hard and very satisfying when you are finished. I am not an engineer have been building kits for over 10 years although did assemble some kits when I was younger. Forum is very helpful if you have questions.
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