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I've had Bruce's nice little preamp for over 10 years and it's bullet proof.  I've played around with other preamps and I put the GG to the side for quite a while.  Recently, I needed another preamp and took it out of the cabinet to find it exhibited some distortion.  I figured the old tubes had worn out and bought some new Mullard reissues from I guy I trust on epay.  Long story shortened, these tubes right out of the box make GG sound better that it ever has.  It's more 3d, defined, and the frequencies are extended.

So, if you have a GG, it's worth <$60 for a matched trio of these Mullard reissues to see how they improve this preamp's sound.  I'm really happy with the result and wanted to share my result with you guys.  The GG is just another example of the value provided by Transcendent Sound.

Just a side note, I've been impressed by the Mullard and Gold Lion reissues in general.  Yeah, you may miss a tiny bit of fidelity, but I think it's worth the value and reliability aspects.  Hopefully, tube manufacturing will eventually rival some of the better oldies at a fraction of the cost.
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