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ed schilling
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I am not into all this stuff. I just do the basics to get the best I can get the easiest way with decent quality. So far so good.

 I use EAC to rip CD to HD. I use an external "multi drive". I download little because You Tube is now pretty good and has pictures and the computer and the stereo are hooked to the TV. I use VLC player to play everything and it will. Over the years I've used various other software to play audio files. VLC is easy. Sounds fine.

I will install Jplay trial to see if it is truly "better" for me. 
ps.... for most people the Compute Stick in the link will work GREAT as a "main" computer as well as for a dedicated audio box.  I never cut on my "real" box anymore. There is just no need. Helen has a new laptop that does everything the Stick can't....which ain't much! It too is hooked into stereo and TV via HDMI. It also will play audio and video files, obviously. She like a laptop, I like a 30 inch monitor (TV) and a Stick for work. Having a Stick hooked to your main TV and stereo is the bomb and they are cheap enough to have both or more!

Ray P
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I've finally started to assemble my Soekris DAC.

Having received the panels from Front Panel Express I've started by assembling and installing the AudioZen control unit - this is speciifcally designed to control (volume, filter selection, mute, input, etc) the Soekris DAM1021 and DAM1121 DAC modules and is available from the Vendor Bazaar at DIY Audio.

So, here are some pictures of progress so far. The AudioZen control unit is installed and working.

A more general layout image showing the Soekris DAM1121 module and the JLSounds USB board. The two Black PCBs are for the power supplies for the Soekris and JLSounds  modules; they'll be next to assemble and install. The large empty area is where a Broskie Aikido (ACF-2) buffer will be located.

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Looks great, I have only one question at this point. It looks like that this is what the display shows without the DAC board connected to it. Are the filter names which the AudioZen unit shows identical to the original DAC filter names which Soekris uses with his OEM boards (what you see if you connect the board via RS232 to the computer)? And what would the AudioZen show if you upload a different filter? Can you also input different names?
Ray P
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Thanks Wolfgang

The AudioZen (AZ) is really just a much slicker version of the RS232 interface that just tells the Soekris what configuration you require it to adopt. The filter names used by the AZ reflect the filters that are pre-loaded when you purchase a Soekris. You can load alternative filters via the RS232 interface but you can't edit the AZ screens so it's best to think of the labelling as Filter-1, Filter-2, Filter-3 & Filter-4.

You can control the AZ in two ways: To the right of the display is a rotary encoder that you rotate to 'scroll' through the items and push to select an item. Alternatively, below the display is an IR receiver that enables use of remote control. The AZ has a learning mode that allows use with a good selection of remote control handsets. I have an Apple remote control unit for simplicity of use - probably the only Apple product I would ever consider purchasing!
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Originally Posted by carson.
I've just experimented with a RPi 3 and an Allo Boss DAC

I'm definitely in the "I need to simplify my life"

Got quite silly today. Pulled a 2nd output off this little bitty DAC and made a cable to feed a crown amp with a single bucket. This full discrete system integrates as well as the line cable off my SOB

Thanks again Ed!

As usual, looking good Ray!
Ray P
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Something of a hiatus with the Soekris build; I'm laid up after a pretty serious cycling crash and my back is really sore so preventing me spending any time at the work bench. It's beginning to ease a bit so hopefully I'll get a little done before too long.
Kelvin Tyler
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I am sure I speak for everyone here in wishing you a speedy recovery, Ray. We all await with bated breath the next episode in your Soekris build, so get well quick [smile] ! You certainly make some good looking stuff.
I have used the ACF buffer previously with good results. Very neutral sounding. Yes, with the ACF-2 using a balanced PS, it should be possible to use direct coupling and trim out any DC offset.
Very interested to see how it all turns out.
Best wishes,
Ray P
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Thanks, I really appreciate the good wishes...

Ray P
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It took a bit longer than I thought to get over my cycling crash; my back is still stiff but I'm mostly over it now.

I've resumed work on the Soekris R2R DAC project and have it almost ready to audition but unfortunately I'm still waiting for some PCBs I ordered to interace the Soekris DAC to the USB input board so I'll have to continue being patient. Here's a picture of the current state of build...

Kelvin Tyler
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Good to hear you are feeling a bit better now and are able to get back to your workbench.
Excellent progress. I like your 'house style'. Quite a fair bit of action packed into the box. No doubt it will be well ventilated.
Ray P
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Thanks Kelvin. I received the interface PCBs yesterday so hope to make some more progress at the weekend.

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I have tried now the last 7 months Jplay with Foobar2000.

tried all kinds of settings with some reference material and casual listening. Flac only from 44.1 up to 24 bit 192kHz.

I have not found any benefit in sound quality on my Tannoy GRF driven by 300B DIY OTL with master piece as pre amp.

Using cambridge DacMagic 100 as DAC.

The computer is dedicated with SSD drives and all settings were prior JPlay allready set for max sound and not other windows stuff.

My system became only less stable and sound was once and a while negatively affected.

The 100 bucks can go better to other things at least for my ears.
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Use it to buy a multibit or R2R DAC
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