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Eric C.
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Thank you much Richard (and others who replied).

I have zero experience of using turntable. As I heard so many good things about it from audio forums, I want to have a try. I did listen to some vinyl demos in audio shows, sounds amazing (of course they're very high end equipments so this is expected).

What you suggested totally makes sense - I should have more listening sessions with friends who have vinyl, before jumping on it. Right now I have TS 300B SE & MP, with club-27 speakers, I am pretty happy with their performance. I assume they should work well with TS Phono.

I keep learning about analog before I'm ready to get a good system. I like the flexibility of digital source though. Finding LPs may be challenging too, maybe someday I will get a bunch from some garage sale ;-)

Originally Posted by Richard
Hello Eric. Have you had any experience with a turntable, using or listening? If you want to invest in this format you might want a reference to aspire towards. So, friends or some means to hear what this set up sounds like, and what you can use to equal or better the experience. You might find that maybe it's not worth all the fuss to get one set up and use if your main reference has been the current digital offerings. Vinyl set up requires a certain amount of detailed cartridge alignment. And does your speaker and amplifier set up allow for the spl level your use to hearing with digital when using vinyl. I think you could do it within your budget. Experienced users of vinyl all have their preferences and the drive systems debate of a turntable shouldn't limit what your minimum outlay should be for a start up system. I think the 2nd hand market is a good way to enter into the foray. But you're going to have to figure out what trade off or variable you can deal with, including the TS phono to add this format to your system. I found that I like no variation with speed issues and a neutral baseline that doesn't add coloration to the cartridge in use, (no feedback). That led me to direct drive. The turntable you showed for sale to me didn't offer a potential of value vs performance based on what the probable outlay for it would be. Starting and stopping the platter with your hand just doesn't give much confidence for stable speed retention during record play.
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You can do no better than TS phono stage unless you are willing to mortgage your house. Everything that Bruce that BR does defies the standards of the industry. 

 You may want to consider a vintage Garrard 301 or 401 TT. .  Read the reviews as they both are highly regarded.  There are numerous articles on the net about restoration. The 301 prices are now inflated on ebay and the grease bearing commands a much higher price. Sonically the 401 is supposed to be better and is much cheaper.   I prefer the retro esthetics of the  301. I have the 301 non-grease bearing that I partially restored and I am very satisfied with it.  I am informed that it is easily converted to a grease bearing model.  You can buy many comparable arms.

 I bought a high mass baltic birch plinth off ebay and finished it myself. I use a SME 312S arm with a Zu/DL-103 MK II.  At this point I will probably never buy another cartridge as I am so satisfied.

Also, look at the Well Tempered TT and especially the Reference model.  I had one 20 years ago with a Van den Hull mc 10 cartridge and loved it so much. 



Capt. Z
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Don't need a high end TT set up to enjoy vinyl.

I have two TTs in my listening room. One is High End Table with High End arm and High End Cart.

The other one is a lower End Table (Wega/Sony 350) with a decent cart (Nagaoka MP110).

The Lower End TT gets about 90 % of the Playing time. It just sounds groovy that way. YMMV
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I agree with CAPT. Z

With unscratched and clean original LP pressings, it's really hard to get anything less than superb and involving sound, from a decent player - and you don't need to spend a fortune.

There are garbage 'new pressings' of vinyl everywhere these days, that appear to be simply CD-sourced files cut to nice clean vinyl.  They may look cool, but sound dull and lifeless - and sound way worse than CDs, IMHO.

There are also garbage players sold new for a couple of hundred dollars, that do no justice to the best of vinyl pressings.

But if you can get your hands on clean, unscratched original pressings - and play them on something like a well-looked-after old THORENS TD / AR / REGA 2 or 3 / LINN LP12 / SYSTEMDEK / MICHELL / TECHNICS 1200 (or one of the dozens of newer quality decks) - you will be simply amazed at the sound that emerges.

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I have only been on the vinyl scene for a short time and I love it. I got into vinyl for the sound quality and as everyone else has posted when you get an outstanding pressing it’s an experience. I always like getting the best I can afford but I cannot to spend thousands on a deck and thousands on a cartridge but I still got what was best for me and my budget and I think my stuff sounds great. I have a refurbished Dual 1229 with a Denon DL 110 cart and it is awesome (I love the automatic action...set it and forget it). All I am saying is you don’t have to mortgage a house to enjoy great music that’s why we use Transcendent Sound stuff, amazing stuff we can all afford. Do your research and get a solid deck and cart that will match with what you like to listen to, is compatible with your setup, and fits your budget and start spinning!
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