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I am scratch building a grounded grid preamp using Triad vpt230-110 and vpt24-1040 transformers. Being largely ignorant of the basics of electronics, I am having difficulty determining which wire go where. For both transformers the data sheet says:
Input: Series - blue and brown, jumper gray to violet
Parallel - blue and brown, jumper blue toviolet and gray to brown
Output: Series - black and yellow, jumper red to orange
Parallel: black and yellow, jumper black to orange, red to yellow

Attaches are the data sheets hopefully. Thanks for any remedial help you can provide.


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Depends where in world you are, what is your mains voltage? for the primary connection.
The secondaries for the GG are 115V & 12V, so wire in parallel for both. A web search will provide plenty of information for this.
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Thanks for the quick response. To be more specific, I am in the USA (120V). For T1 and T2 input, I believe the blue and brown wires are connected to the hot 120V input and the violet and gray wires to the negative. The output black connects between D1 & D2 while the orange is between D3 & D4. Red and yellow between C4 & 5 and C6 & 9 respectively.

T3 input identical to the other transformers. T3 output I am not clear at all on as I do not understand the meaning of jumper here.

I expect these are basic concepts, but they are unclear to me.

Thanks for any help.

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Not quite right. Reading this page should help you understand.
All connections, both input & output, should be connected in parallel.
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Thank you very much.  This is a big help.  I might actually learn something by the time I finish the project.
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