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Dan Marchewka
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I moved and just got around to hooking up my GG.  I installed a Home Theatre bypass switch on it so I can toggle back and forth between my GG for 2 channel and my Marantz AV7703 for movies and TV.  However, there is a buzz that I was trying to troubleshoot and I replaced the three tubes with 12AX7-A in V1 and V2 and a 12AX7/7025 in V3.  I now have a loud hum coming out of the GG that wasn't present before with the original tubes back in.  It was super quiet before I swapped out the tubes and I did have any buzzing if kept the two systems separate.  Any ideas on what to look for?

Thanks and Happy Holidays,


Dan Marchewka
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The cheater plug helped the buzz (Thanks Bruce!).  I wish I would have thought about that before I put in the wrong tubes.  Since I tried the 12AX7's (and subsequently put the 12AU7's back in), it seems the noise floor is double what it was.  There's a distinct hum/noise, where my GG was dead silent before putting in the wrong tubes.  Could I have possibly damaged a component (diode, capacitor or PS)?  
Dan Marchewka
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Ok, the hum is only coming out of the right channel.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Happy Holidays,


Al Wirth
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Check interconnect ground, faulty or loose tube pin.

Happy holidays
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