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Hi All,

Long-time Transcendent gear owner though rare poster.

For those that may be interested, Spatial Audio has released a new product called the Triode Master with a nominal 16 Ohm Impedance, benign phase curve, 95 db sensitivity and open baffle.


Seems like a match made in heaven for Bruce's designs.

I have returned my Spatials for the upgrade to Triode Master status and will report how all sounds mated with my stereo T-16.

All the best,


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Looking forward to your impressions. Clayton makes killer speakers.  I also own a T-16 and plan an getting a pair of Triode Masters.
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Hi All,

Triode Masters in the house.

All that can be said is the T-16 and this speaker are a match made in heaven.

Air, space, imaging, articulation - low level - high level - matters not.

Full system is as follows:

Wyred4Sound - Music Server
Wyred4Sound - Dac2
Glass Ware - Aikido Preamp - running 12sx7 NOS tubes
Transcendent Sound - T-16
Spatial Audio - M3 Triode Master

Highly recommended for Transcendent Sound OTLs.

All the best.
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Thanks Mark. How far from the back wall are your triode masters? I'm in a small space so I'm curious about open baffle placement.
     Are you getting good volume levels with the T-16?
Jim J
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Considering these speakers with SOB. Nice they have a 60 day return policy.
Dave M
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I'm waiting on Triode Master version of Spatial Audio M4's but now considering upgrading to the M'3's to go with my

Dave M
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I have about 80 hrs on my TM M3's now and have to agree with Mark, they are a great match with T16's.
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