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As we know the Transcendent amps apply relatively high negative feedback from the speaker terminal to input tube. Now one can see the speaker cable as an antenna - which then feeds the radio frequency signals to the input. I'm thinking about putting a ferrite bead on the feedback resistor leads/ wire. Do you already have an experience with such modification?
Kelvin Tyler
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Are you noticing audible effects of RF pickup on the speaker leads? If you can see RF at the amp output on a scope, this should be diminished if the speaker + leads are replaced by a dummy load connected close to the output terminals.
I have never noticed any such effects with any of Bruce's OTLs.
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No, I don't have problems with RF noise as such. I read that the elimination of it has subtle effect, "more listenable sound". I think I try it with the SE 300B next time I fiddle inside. It costs virtually nothing and is easy to do.
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