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Hi all,

I am nearing completion of my minibeast kit to match the masterpiece kit I built in January. However, I am struggling to locate some octal base EL509 tubes to go in it. Plenty of Russian tubes on eBay but zero octal base 509s. Anyone have any suggestions where I might get some of these within the uk or eu? I don’t want to deal with eu regulation by having to import them into the uk/eu from the US or elsewhere.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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I have no experience with that kit and the EL509 required - but I can vouchsafe for this seller:

Kelvin Tyler
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Also HotRox UK (Nottingham). They stock many of TAD's products. JJ EL509S tubes ~£27 each.
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The tubes required are JJ EL-509(note the S) or Svetlana EL509-II (which are not common).

Link for HotRox, although only showing singles @£29:

Hi-Fi Collective:

Don Audio, Germany:

Banzai Music, Germany:

Tube Town, Germany:

Ray P
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I have purchased from both Hotrox and HiFiCollective and both are trustworthy and offer excellent service in my experience.
David Loader
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I've bought my EL509's from HotRox before, too.  They test them before selling them which should hopefully guard against any duds.  They might have a shock when I finally get around to placing my Beast order though (24 valves!).
David Galsworthy
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Watford valves in the UK  are offering 8 Tungsram PL509 for 240 pounds at the moment -


Bruce Rozenblit
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The PL509 uses 40 volt filaments and will not work.  Plus it has a plate cap.
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