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david lucio
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Hi, I am considering purchasing the Martin Logan CLX's and using my Beasts to power them.  According to some reviewers measurements the High Frequency has a capacitive load at 15-20k.  I can't hear past 15k so that factors into the equation.  They are rated as 6 ohm speakers.  Their sensitivity is at 90db.   I have a large room (15ftx35ftx9ft high) and listen on average at a 65db to 75db loudness.  Any thoughts?  Manufacturer recommends a high current amp.  thanks, dave
the gorn
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Hello David,  You might want to wait a bit. Bruce is working on a new transformer coupled amp more suitable for 4 ohm speakers and probably much more electrostatic friendly. I don't know if you've heard his cathode follower but I can tell you he is equally skilled in creating transformer coupled circuits.
dave lucio
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Sounds like a good plan.  hurry up Bruce the world is waiting.  dave
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