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Seems that the market for new speakers with high sensitivity ratings is increasing by leaps and bounds.

I have a mini Beast amp with a digital front end and an Outlaw self powered LF-1 sub.

I am trying to spend 1K or less per pair to upgrade my speakers. I run just two mains.

My short list includes the following:


-Pi Speakers: either the 3 pi, or 4 pi

-Tekton Mini Lore Studio Monitors, or, the Mini Lore

-Decware Betsy's, or DM945's

-Definitive Technology Studio Monitor 65's (I've emailed them requesting their sensitivity rating as it is not on
their website)

I've DIY'd my current pair of speakers, but since making them I have lost my shop space and would prefer to buy something manufactured.

If anyone has used any of these speakers and would care to comment on your satisfaction with them, I would appreciate it.

And if I've overlooked something I *should* have on my list that meets my criterion, speak up by all means.

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I have an older PI model that is discontinued. Using a 15 Eminence woofer and compression tweeter and horn. A fine speaker even without the premium drivers used in the PI 4, which is the standard bearer of the PI line, (barring the corner horn, which of course, need corners). You will get 98 db of high quality sound from the PI 4 with JBL 2226 woofers and B&C tweeter. Do a search for PI speakers here, someone wrote up a nice interpretation. They're just very well thought out, fine performing speakers. Period.
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I am not gonna really helpful, but i really love mini beast a lot.  This is far the quietest amp that i have so far. Its easy to build and really designed for such highest frequency.
Eric C.
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I have done tons of research before getting a pair of Amy speakers for my 300B SE (1.5 Watts). I absolutely love them! The Mundorf and Audyn kit is also well worth the upgrade.

They have demo products for sale from time to time, with current US$ to Euro, these are even better buy:

If you search "Bastani" in this forum, you will find many positive feedbacks from TS amp owners. Bastani/club-27 speakers are designed for fly-power amps, and they work perfectly with OTL.
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Thanks to all for your replies. I thought this thread was a dead soldier.😳
Richard I'm glad you chimed in. It's been a small challenge for me to find owner feedback on the Pi's. Do you have yours placed in corners? My room will not allow this placement. How do you have your Pi's located in your listening space?

Eric, I would ask the same regarding the Amy's. Also, do you live stateside? I'm curious regarding a rough esimate for shipping finished speakers to the States. I thought I'd inquire of you first before soliciting an answer from Club-27.

Eric C.
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I put them near the wall - they integrate very well with my room and I don't feel I need a sub (see picture).

Shipping is about $250 in my case (200+ LB), but it may change depending on carrier. Free free to contact club-27b for recent rate. Shipping will be much less if you buy the kits only.

I live in SF east bay area. If you're close by, you're welcome for a visit.

Originally Posted by Rabco
Eric, I would ask the same regarding the Amy's. Also, do you live stateside? I'm curious regarding a rough esimate for shipping finished speakers to the States. I thought I'd inquire of you first before soliciting an answer from Club-27.

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Hello Rabco. No, my speakers are not in corners. But, they are toe'd in about 45 degrees as per Wayne Parham's optimal placement for constant directivity horn's that he recommends. Have you looked on the Pi forum for insight and feedback? These speakers are not exotic looking, (they're sleepers), nor that expensive, (for the sound reproduced). The JBL 2226H woofers would cost probably over a grand for two these days. Like I mentioned though, very solid performers, damn fine actually. I'd check out the Pi forum and ask questions if you have a mind to go for them. Here's a nod to them from a fella called Dev on this forum.
Good luck with your quest.
Eric C.
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Used pair of 2226H is about $400 on eBay..
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Eric C. Thanks for the info. Looks like you have the Amy's placed much as I would need to. The shipping info is great, as well. I downsized and tho I've kit buillt speakers in the past, it would be tough to do now....but, who knows? The mother of invention and all that. I would love to audition them per your invite, but Bloomington Indiana to the Bay Area is a bit of a hike πŸ˜€
Richard, same on placement for the Pi's. They would work for me. I appreciate the link and Dev's words. I should dive deeper into the Pi Forum. Seems the company is pretty minimalistic in terms of reviews, both media and owner.
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A follow up to my original post. I had no trouble selling my Frugel Horn single driver horn speakers. I decided to go with the Caintuck Audio Betsy's. Randy at Caintuck answered all of my questions. He, as well as the folks at Decware apparently, speak the language of my current rig: "low power" (TS mini Beast) amplification, high efficiency speakers. The Betsy's are an open baffle high efficiency design, sensitivity @ 95db, if memory serves.

In my room I would characterize the sound as live and accurate. Very unbox-like (unlike my old Legacy Audio monitors, for example). The soundstage, as Randy promised, is projected upward. While pinpoint soundstage instrument location may not be their strong suit, I can now clearly have a sense of what the "room" where the recording was done sounds like. Highest frequency silkiness may be slightly lacking but has responded nicely to DAC filter choice. Percussion transients, and attack are great. Super clean. The speakers are not fussy about placement. These are the easiest speakers to integrate with a subwoofer that I have experienced.

Did I mention these have high WAF? At least they did for meπŸ˜„
It took a long time for these speakers to break in. The first few hours were not promising. About 8 continuous hours in and it was like a switch had been thrown.....and over the following ~200 hours refinement has audibly followed.

I was so pleased with their sound, and, they were so easy on the wallet, that I decided it was time to upgrade from my aging DacMagic. Decided to take a chance on an upgrade of a Chinese sourced DAC, the SMLS M8a, which has DSD capability. A giant improvement, that was made even better by the addition of a external linear power supply.

As for software, I used to use Amarra Hifi software, but have switched and been very happy with BitPerfect.

Next stop, doing the DSD file experiment.

The current state of my adventures (your results may vary!) in audio that is not eye-watering expensive!
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