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David Loader
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This is probably going to sound like a really stupid question but is the Beast signal ground bus connected to chassis ground and thus mains earth, at any point?

I've pored through the documentation several times and cannot find any instruction for a connection being made between the two, unless I've somehow missed it.

Can I clarify where this grounding connection should be made or what the arrangement should be?  I'm going to be using a Jensen line input transformer to unbalance my AMB preamp's balanced output.

Kelvin Tyler
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David. I do not think there is a direct connection from the signal ground to chassis on the Beast.
Looking at the XLR Model page in the manual I note the following:
Centre pin of second RCA connector to pin 2 of XLR female socket and then red input wire of transformer;
RCA ground lug to pin 3 of XLR and then to brown wire of transformer;
Cap and resistor from XLR pin 1 to ground lug (Chassis);
yellow wire of transformer to WT4 signal input;
Other wires of transformer ( white, black and orange for Jenson JT-11-P1) to WT26 signal ground.
Hope that helps.
David Loader
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OK thanks.  So is the signal ground intended to be left floating, in that case?  I just want to make sure I get this right.

Kelvin Tyler
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It will depend on how the interconnect is made.
A 'normal' input connection, without the transformer, from the Masterpiece to the first RCA connector will ground the signal ground bus via the interconnect shield.
With the transformer present, an unbalanced connection to either the second RCA or the XLR sockets will leave the signal ground 'floating', as indeed will a balanced feed to the XLR from some other preamp.
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