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David Loader
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I have some questions regarding the fusing section of the Beast - as I'm scratch building mine I need to make sure I'm getting the correctly-rated parts.

Q1.  The Beast instructions specify that the fuses should be 1 amp.  However, the Son of Beast, which has what looks like a similar output stage, uses half-amp fuses.  So should I still be using 1 amp fuses for the Beast?

Q2.  Presumably in either case these fuses should be type T (timed, slo-blow)?

Q3.  For the fuse-holders, I bought Bussman HTC-30M holders which are rated 250V, 6.3A, 2.5W.  I subsequently read that current ratings are typically applicable for fast-blow fuses, and that the rating would reduce for slo-blow.  That said, the same article suggested that a 6.3A rating should still be okay for a 1A slo-blow, but can I just sanity check these holders are okay, or should I go to 10A ones?

Many thanks.

ed schilling
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David, you are thinking waaaaay too hard about  stuff that does not matter! [smile]
1. use 1 amp fast blow.....just like The Beast instructions say. 
2. see above
3. any fuse holder you can buy will be fine for a 1 amp fuse......
Bruce Rozenblit
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Those are slow blow fuses.
ed schilling
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Thanks Bruce, I forgot. I use slow blow because my speakers have no xover and the slow blow does not open fast enough  to protect them when "something happens". After losing a driver or two (all my tubes are very old and occasionally "snap and pop") I changed to "regular"  and it "solved" my problem. 1/2 amp slow blow did not protect the driver either, btw. I am pretty sure a "normal" speaker with a crossover will be MUCH less sensitive to an event that will pop either type of fuse.

Just a small margin of extra safety and I have no problems with them holding up unless a tube sparks or snaps and then they do their job.

ps......after building several sets and owning a pair right now I should have remembered that!
I also am running just 4 tubes in each amp......sounds great and has plenty of power for my speakers. I'll probably never run 8 or 16 again but I do need new tubes!
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